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"Umm actually they're called runes not souls"

"Umm actually they're called runes not souls"

## Notes

My initial reaction to this game, from previews to launch, was “ah, another FromSoft game in the vein of Dark Souls? Pass.” The hype around this game was just too much, though, that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. After seeing it take over gaming Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch, and it blowing up my RSS feeds, reports of a vastly more accessible entry in the Soulsborne genre got me curious.

So after some hemming and hawing I decided to set aside Horizon Forbidden West and give Elden Ring a try. Boy, has this game gripped me in a way that I’d never have predicted.

It’s been nearly 100 hours now and, three months later, it’s literally the only game I’ve been playing. There’s just way too much content! Catacombs, “legacy dungeons”, puzzles, a world map that just keeps growing and growing and growing…just when I’d thought I’d seen it all I’d find the next map piece and, damn, I still don’t know what’s over on that remaining big greyed out chunk.

I won’t turn this into a typical review of the game; those are easy enough to find. Instead here’s a bit about my specific journey:

Still not sure what’s going on with these little guys. They remind me of Bloodborne…

Dangerous silhouette; combat evolved

Crystals on fire

Red, White, and Blue

So like I mentioned earlier I still have a ways to go; I’m maybe 75% of the way done with the main storyline anyway. I also have my eye on a couple major side quests that I want to advance as well. And after all that I might actually respec and then try a bit of PVP - if I can find the right build it looks like a fun time.

Elden Ring: A++++ probably won’t replay because it’s a lot of game but my god have I enjoyed every second of it.