Tales of Baby: The Lemon

- 1 minute read ( tales-of-baby )

I brought my daughter grocery shopping with me tonight. She likes to inspect everything before “helpfully” dropping it into the cart, and so in the produce section I picked up a lemon and of course handed it to her.

She grabbed the lemon and surprised me with a reaction reminiscent of a double take. I took a moment to review with her the lemon’s smooth-but-bumpy skin, to which she intently turned the lemon over in her hands to marvel at before finally dropping it in the cart.

Upon checkout she reclaimed the lemon from the pre-bagging conveyor and refused to give it up. The entire way home she held onto that lemon like some lost treasure. At home she triumphantly presented her trophy to her mother, proclaiming it “dada” like so many other things lately: myself, herself, her mother…

I guess at this stage of life everything truly is Dada.