Well hello there!

- 2 minute read ( misc )

I’ve started listening to the Talk Python To Me podcast recently in an effort to keep up on developments in the Python community. While listening to the episode titled, “Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual”, a gentleman named John Sonmez emphasized the idea that programmers should be in the habit of keeping a blog. He suggested that blogs like this one are opportunities for career advancement because they create foot-in-the-door moments. They could potentially turn an “okay, please implement FizzBuzz” technical interview into a “Oh hey, I’ve read your blog!” casual conversation.

I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging to some degree anyway so I took it as a sign that now was the time. I finally decided to stretch out my fingers and get back to blogging. And thus, I Am Miller’s Blog was born!

I wasn’t content to stick with a traditional WordPress site, though. For starters, this site is generated by a Go-powered static site generator called Hugo. I’m not a huge Go fan or anything but Hugo is a breeze to use and is compiled into a single static binary so it’s dead simple to get up and running. Hugo also has built-in Disqus support for commenting so I don’t have to worry about maintaining any databases either.

To top it all off, GitLab’s built-in Continuous Integration tools allow me to automate publishing just by pushing to a repo! I set up a pipeline to deploy the compiled blog to a Digital Ocean droplet, so new posts are readable online in a matter of seconds.

As for hosting, I originally set out to host this on Github Pages. I’d already used my Pages account to host, though, and I didn’t want to deal with any more Github Organizations, so I finally caved and spun up a 1CPU/1GB droplet on Digital Ocean. It’s probably overkill for serving up a couple of static sites but it’ll be nice to have an online platform to deploy to when I’m ready to go live with this project I’ve started working on…

I intended to keep this first post short but I just can’t help myself! I get so excited when everything clicks in place and I’ve finally gone live. I already feel as though this blog will end up being infinitely more useful than keeping things confined within some repo on Github